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By clicking the "Add to Slack" button you agree to the following: If you don't already have a Sendtask account, a new one will be created for you using information from your Slack workspace such as your name and email address.

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Add the Sendtask integration to your Slack team.

2. Use commands

Create and assign tasks, set due dates, and see your Sendtask to-do list directly in Slack. 

3. Enjoy the extra time

Use the time you save to focus on the things you love and make a big impact.

Track your progress

See your to-do list and mark tasks as done so you always know where you stand in your daily work.

slack tasks todo
slack-task created

Create tasks directly from Slack (it will be shown publicly in the channel)

/sendtask @trifon feed my pet tiger 
in two days
Create and assign tasks directly in Slack so you never lose actionable info under piles of text.

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