Share tasks with anyone

Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place - even if they don't have an account.


Bring work under control

See everything that matters at a glance and track your progress in one beautifully simple place.

Easy onboarding

Collaborate with anyone in seconds. They don't need to register so it's easy to onboard people

Email meets task management

Convert emails to tasks for a seamless workflow. With auto-reminders, due dates, task followers and many more, getting things done has never been easier.

Connect with Slack

See your to-do list and create tasks for the whole team as you discuss work in Slack. This way important takeaways are always acted on. Learn more

Simple yet smart

Use natural language to set due dates and reminders. Sendtask can recognize people in your contact list and help you sort tasks automagically!


Unlimited users, unlimited tasks

Sendtask is still in Beta and free to use. All current features will remain free forever.


Get things done on-the-go, even without an internet connection


Get in touch for early access to Sendtask for Android.