Sendtask Earns 2 Awards From FinancesOnline Review Platform

Sendtask Finances Online

Sendtask was recently reviewed by Finances Online – a leading software review platform that lists and compares B2B software solutions to help decision makers find the best tools for their organizations.

The review includes a deep analysis about our software, including:

  • Sendtask features and benefits
  • Problems Sendtask can solve
  • Technical details
  • Comparison vs other task management software platforms

According to Finances Online, “The best part of Sendtask is that users can collaborate with everyone even if they don’t have a Sendtask account, thus effectively eliminating the barriers that impede smooth and productive collaboration and communication.”

Sendtask placed a spot in FinancesOnline’s top 5 task management software alternatives. This recognition shows that Sendtask continues to be a gold standard in the top task management software solutions due to our application’s well-designed functionalities that help various organizations and businesses easily manage their activities.

Finances Online rated our software with a score of 8.0 and we’re proud to have received two awards:

Rising Star Award: given to new SaaS products that are viewed as a service that’s really efficient despite its young age.
Great User Experience Award: granted to products that offer especially good user experience.

We are delighted and grateful for our review, awards and recognition!

You can read the full Sendtask review at the FinancesOnline’s website.