How To Use The Magic Bar – A Brief Guide


The Magic bar lets you search for, create and assign tasks. The cool part is it can recognize dates using natural language, project names, and email contacts. It also triggers when you type anywhere on the screen. This means you can create, search and assign tasks with due dates in seconds, without even touching the mouse. In this brief guide, you’ll find tips for using the Magic bar.

How to trigger the Magic bar

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Click on the Magic bar or start typing anywhere on the screen (unless it’s another input field). This will trigger the Magic bar view which shows you task search results and lets you create new tasks.

How to search for a task


If you want to search for a task, start typing its title or any part of it and it will appear in the search results. Note that you must have access to the task either as a follower, assignee or through a project you’re part of.

How to create a task


If you want to create a task, simply type its title and press “Enter”. You will be the default assignee unless you delete your name from the beginning of the task.

How to add a due date to a task


You can set a due date by entering words like “tomorrow” or “next week”. Of course, you can still use normal dates if you prefer such as 14/05/2017 or May 14. See a list of available commands here.

How to add a task to a project


If you want to add a project to a task, use a hashtag (#) in front of the project name. If the project does not exist, you will see an option to create it.

How to add an assignee or follower to a task

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Adding assignees or followers is easy. Simply type “@” before the person’s name (if they’re on your contact list) or email address. You will also be able to choose from your list of existing contacts. Note that the first person you mention will be the assignee and everyone after will be a follower.

These are the basics of getting started with the Magic bar. We hope you’ll find your own way of using it and save more time in your day.