Upgrade your Slack experience

Get powerful task management features directly in Slack

If you don't have a Sendtask account, we'll create one for you with the name and email address from your Slack workspace.

How it works

1. Add to Slack

Add the Sendtask integration to your Slack team

2. Use commands

Create and assign tasks, set due dates, and see your Sendtask to-do list directly in Slack

3. Enjoy the extra time

Use the extra time and mental energy to focus on high-leverage activities

Maximize efficiency

Manage all work in one place without switching between software. That's extra time for things that are more important than loading up websites and copying information.

Set your goals

Create and assign tasks directly in Slack so you never lose actionable info under piles of text.


Prioritize your work

Set due dates for tasks and put first things first down to the hour.

Track your progress

See your to-do list and mark tasks as done so you always know where you stand in your daily work.


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