We get a lot of questions about the way we hire at Sendtask. In this article, we’ll clarify for applicants and other companies how we shortlist candidates. We’ll cover our main requirements as well as each stage of the hiring process.


We’re not looking for a person who can just do the job – we can easily use an agency or find someone online to complete various tasks and projects. We’re looking for someone who will be part of our team for the long run and fully participate in pushing the company forward. This means pitching ideas, helping other team members and constantly striving to improve our processes.

While each position has its own set of requirements, we also look for a few particular skills and qualities in every candidate. These include:

● Willingness to solve difficult problems
● Keen interest in productivity software
● A resilient attitude
● High work ethic and morale
● Positive personality
● Teamworking skills
● Tech savviness

Most importantly, we look for people who are better than us in the field that we hire for. We want to increase the average quality of our team, not reduce it or keep it stagnant.

In addition, everyone at Sendtask works remotely so we’re looking for people who are not only a good fit in terms of skills and attitude, but also possess the abilities needed to collaborate remotely in an effective way.

Hiring Process

We deliberately have a lengthy hiring process so we can shortlist the best and most dedicated candidates. Overall, the process takes an average of 3 weeks but we don’t hire until we’re certain we have the right candidate for the job. Following is the application process:

Stage 1: Application form 

In the first stage we’ll ask you to explain why you’re applying for the role and what makes you the right candidate. This is a relatively short process which we use to screen initial applicants and get a basic idea of who you are.

Stage 2: Online questionnaire 

If we think you may be a good fit for our team, we’ll send you a brief questionnaire. The questions focus on finding out more about you as a person and whether or not you have the qualities we look for, for example – how passionate you are about our industry and your work. We could also include minor tasks or feedback request about our software in the questionnaire.

Stage 3: Personality test 

If your answers show that you have the right background and interests, we’ll invite you to a video interview and suggest a time slot. Once we agree on a time, we’ll also ask you to complete a brief personality test which we use to find out your preferred style of work. This test will not affect our initial decision, but we take it into account in case two or more candidates are on par.

Stage 4: First interview 

The first interview will focus on finding out more about you as a person and how well you may work remotely. We want to hire self-motivated people who keep their deadlines. The right person will also be comfortable with various tools for collaboration and video conferencing.

Stage 5: Second interview 

The second interview focuses on finding out how well you know your stuff. The person who interviews you will depend on the role that you’re applying for. This means you should expect competency-based questions.

Stage 6: Test project 

If we find you’re a good fit for the team, we’ll assign to you a test project. It lasts for several hours and depends on the role you apply for. For example, if you’re a developer we may assign to you to create an integration for our tool. If you’re a designer, we may ask you to propose a landing page update or logo redesign. If successful, we’ll pay you for these projects.

Stage 7: Final decision 

If you complete the project successfully, we evaluate each submission and choose the person with the best one. We look for quality, attention to detail and keeping deadlines.