Creating Tasks From Email

Sharing tasks with Sendtask is easy as pie – you can share your to do’s with anyone. Your grandma, your boss, your spouse, your co-worker, you name it. Why? Because unlike other collaborative task apps, users don’t even need to create an account to use Sendtask.

But see for yourself how simple it is to share a task with someone:

  1. Create a new task or select one
  2. Click on the assignee field
  3. Enter the email address of the person you would like to send the task to

If the person has never used Sendtask before, you can leave a personal message that they will receive with your task.

Email Integration

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time working and communicating via email. That’s where a lot of tasks will come up – a client asks you to send a report, you ask your friend about the tickets for the concert you’re heading to next weekend or you still need to gather some documents from companies to file your taxes. In all of these cases, we think you should be able to create the corresponding task right then and there. That’s why we’ve built a way for you to create tasks right from email.

When you send an email to, it will use the email’s subject line as task title and it will put everything in the email’s body as a comment.

To make sure you don’t forget about the task, you can also set a due date right from email. For that, just put your due date before Examples that will work:,,,

You can also assign tasks to others directly from email. Just include the person you want to assign the task to into the ‘TO’ field of the email and the task will be assigned to that person.

You can directly assign projects to your tasks. Just mention the project tag in the subject line. For example, “Send report #school” will automatically put this task into the #school project. This even works with projects that have spaces in their name and multiple projects: “Send report #school #science project”.


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Combine Accounts

When others start sending you tasks, they might not always know which email address you’re using with Sendtask. If you end up with tasks sent to multiple email addresses, there’s an easy fix to combine them. Go into Settings and add all your email addresses under ‘Connected Email Addresses’. We’ll send you a confirmation email and if you confirm, the tasks from all these email addresses will appear on one task list. Pretty neat, huh? 🙂

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Project And Task Collaborators

Privacy is very important and Sendtask has more intuitive access control than many other apps. It’s very simple – either someone has access to a task or to a project. If you don’t grant someone access to either, they won’t find or access the task or project in any other way.

You can share tasks with someone by clicking on the footer of the task detail panel. This will open a window where you can add additional followers via the contact picker you’ve seen before. A task follower is notified of the most important changes in the task.

You can also add someone as a project follower in the project settings. This allows the person you added to see all tasks in the project, edit them and create new tasks. They can also change the name of the project or the project color. They will be notified about important changes to tasks inside the project, even if they are not following a particular task.

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Markdown Support

You may have seen that links in comments become clickable automatically. That’s helpful but our comments can do much more than just that. We support a formatting language called ‘Markdown’ which you can use to make text bold, italic, add images, create lists and much more.

Some examples of what you can do:
**This text will be displayed in bold font**
*Use one star to turn text italic*
~~This text will appear as strike-through~~
You can add [links](
And even insert your favourite GIF ![wow](

You can find extended info here:

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The Magic Bar

The magic bar sits atop the Sendtask user interface. It looks like an ordinary search bar but it does more than that – it also lets you create tasks without touching the mouse even once. We want you to be able to create tasks as swiftly as possible. Because of that, we’ve made it so that your cursor jumps to the magic bar automatically if you start typing.

The magic bar allows you to search for tasks using any related text. Type in any words that remind you of a task and the magic bar will give you a list of tasks that are related to your keywords.

You can also create tasks quickly from the magic bar. Similar to the Slack integration, you can use natural language to create tasks.

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Slack Integration

If your team uses Slack, you can install our Slack integration. We think that you should be able to create tasks not only on Sendtask but wherever you already spend a majority of your work time. Slack is very popular with our users and we have thus built an integration.

With the Slack integration installed, you get two more commands in your slack interface:

“/sendtasks” shows you all the tasks that are due or overdue directly in your Slack window. This is a super convenient way to check what’s on your list without opening the Sendtask site.

The second command, “/sendtask” lets you create tasks directly from Slack. Similar to the email integration, we parse natural language. If you type “/sendtask send the campaign success report until Wednesday @thomas”, we automatically get the due date (Wednesday) and the assignee (@thomas) and filter it from the task title.

Others in the channel can also see that you have created this task. This way, everyone knows who’s going to be in charge of something that you have discussed in Slack.

You can also use projects: “/sendtask send the campaign success report until Wednesday @thomas #clients #campaign reports”. This will add the project tag for “#clients” and #campaign reports” to the newly created task.

PS: It doesn’t matter where in the task you mention the assignee, due date, and project tags.

You can install the Slack integration by going to Settings and clicking on the ‘Add to Slack’ button.

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Attachments & Preview

If there is some background information needed to work on a task or if you want to pass on some assets with the task, you can do that easily via drag & drop. Just drag the file you would like to attach to the task details panel and drop it to upload it.

If you attach images, we will show a preview – so that it becomes simple to understand what’s on the asset that’s attached. For most attachments, you’ll find two links – the first one to open the file in the browser and another one to download the attachment to your desktop.

You can also add attachments by clicking on the paperclip icon in the comment field.

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Comment Via Email

We send you an email when you are assigned a new task or when there’s an important change on a task. If you want to leave a comment on that task you don’t need to go to the website. Instead, you can just reply to that email and we’ll post your reply as a comment.

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Projects are a great way to group tasks. To structure large projects, we’ve created sections. If you add a colon “:” at the end of a task’s title, it turns into a section header. Sections help to visually separate groups of tasks inside a project.

You can additionally use #, ## and ### at the beginning of the task’s title to use sub-sections.

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