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If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time working and communicating via email. That’s where a lot of tasks will come up – a client asks you to send a report, you ask your friend about the tickets for the concert you’re heading to next weekend or you still need to gather some documents from companies to file your taxes. In all of these cases, we think you should be able to create the corresponding task right then and there. That’s why we’ve built a way for you to create tasks right from email.

When you send an email to, it will use the email’s subject line as task title and it will put everything in the email’s body as a comment.

To make sure you don’t forget about the task, you can also set a due date right from email. For that, just put your due date before Examples that will work:,,,

You can also assign tasks to others directly from email. Just include the person you want to assign the task to into the ‘TO’ field of the email and the task will be assigned to that person.

You can directly assign projects to your tasks. Just mention the project tag in the subject line. For example, “Send report #school” will automatically put this task into the #school project. This even works with projects that have spaces in their name and multiple projects: “Send report #school #science project”.


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