Edit a project in Sendtask

This guide will show you how to edit a project and change things like the project name, color, and followers.

To make a change, start by going to the project you want to edit. You can do this in one of two ways:

Option 1: Select the project using the Filters dropdown

Step 1: Click on the filters drop-down in the top left of the screen and select “Tasks in Project…”


Step 2: Select the project you want to edit from your list



Option 2: Click on the project name in Task View Mode


This will lead you to the Project View Mode. Now, you need to click the “Edit Project” icon in order to make adjustments.


This will bring up the project details panel. Here you can make adjustments to the project name, color, and followers.


Once you make the desired changes, simply click on “Save” and your project will be updated. 

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