Project And Task Collaborators

Privacy is very important and Sendtask has more intuitive access control than many other apps. It’s very simple – either someone has access to a task or to a project. If you don’t grant someone access to either, they won’t find or access the task or project in any other way.

You can share tasks with someone by clicking on the footer of the task detail panel. This will open a window where you can add additional followers via the contact picker you’ve seen before. A task follower is notified of the most important changes in the task.

You can also add someone as a project follower in the project settings. This allows the person you added to see all tasks in the project, edit them and create new tasks. They can also change the name of the project or the project color. They will be notified about important changes to tasks inside the project, even if they are not following a particular task.

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