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Once you start creating many tasks and collaborate with a many people, it might be a little overwhelming to keep track on each task. That’s why you can create projects as a very helpful tool. Projects allow you to group tasks and, if needed, share all of them with others. The order of the tasks in a project can be sorted manually and arranged in a way that best matches the project.

You can create a new project when you select the ‘Tasks in Project’ filter. When you start typing, it will show you existing projects to select from and it will also give you the option to create a new project.

All tasks in this view will automatically get the #campaign tag added and by default, your tasks will be sorted by manual order. This way you can drag and drop to reorder them.

A task can appear in multiple projects and you can see the projects of which it’s part of in the details panel. Clicking on the project tag opens the filter view for that project.

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