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If your team uses Slack, you can install our Slack integration. We think that you should be able to create tasks not only on Sendtask but wherever you already spend a majority of your work time. Slack is very popular with our users and we have thus built an integration.

With the Slack integration installed, you get two more commands in your slack interface:

“/sendtasks” shows you all the tasks that are due or overdue directly in your Slack window. This is a super convenient way to check what’s on your list without opening the Sendtask site.

The second command, “/sendtask” lets you create tasks directly from Slack. Similar to the email integration, we parse natural language. If you type “/sendtask send the campaign success report until Wednesday @thomas”, we automatically get the due date (Wednesday) and the assignee (@thomas) and filter it from the task title.

Others in the channel can also see that you have created this task. This way, everyone knows who’s going to be in charge of something that you have discussed in Slack.

You can also use projects: “/sendtask send the campaign success report until Wednesday @thomas #clients #campaign reports”. This will add the project tag for “#clients” and #campaign reports” to the newly created task.

PS: It doesn’t matter where in the task you mention the assignee, due date, and project tags.

You can install the Slack integration by going to Settings and clicking on the ‘Add to Slack’ button.

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