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Once you’ve created tasks, you want to have a quick way to find them again. That’s why we’ve created several filter views. All of them serve a specific purpose. All of the views can be sorted by different parameters – Due Date, Assignee, Project or Manual. You can also choose to see all tasks, incomplete tasks or completed tasks.

Here are some of the most used combinations:

Your default view is the ‘Tasks assigned to me’ filter. These are all the tasks where you are supposed to make the next step. Most of our users sort by due date in this view and choose to see only incomplete tasks – it allows them to focus on what’s due today and tomorrow and keeps tasks that become relevant far in the future at the bottom of the list.

You can use the ‘Tasks I’ve assigned to others’ filter to see all tasks that you have sent to other people. If you sort it by due date and select incomplete tasks, you can quickly see who is due to make progress on a task that you have sent them.

The third view that is extremely helpful is our ‘Project’ filter. It allows you to see all tasks that belong to a project in a list view. Manual sort is most useful here as it allows you to move tasks up and down on the list.

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