Here’s what you can do with Sendtask

Keep track of all work with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place so projects are done right and on time.

Organize all your projects and to-dos

Sendtask makes it easy to collaborate with anyone — even if they don’t have an account. This is why you can track work and personal projects with your team, clients, suppliers, friends, and family too — all in one place.


What’s inside?

Sendtask lets you manage tasks, communicate with colleagues or other partners, upload files, schedule due dates and auto-reminders. Everything is centered around helping you collaborate efficiently with multiple stakeholders on multiple projects so work goes smoothly. Instead of rushing from one job to the next, Sendtask brings clarity to help you focus on your most important projects.


Manage tasks and projects

It all starts with projects. They allow you to group tasks by team, category, department or any other criteria so all action steps are available at a glance. Each task can have multiple subtasks, an assignee, due date, followers (who get notifications), comments, and attachments.






Due dates







Communicate with anyone, anywhere

Sendtask integrates with Slack and all email clients. This means you can convert Slack messages and emails into tasks — without switching between software. Handy if you want to ensure important things are done instead of lost among email threads or discussions on Slack.


Get powerful task management features directly in Slack


Turn your email into a powerful task management hub


Sendtask easily integrates with Evernote

Bring context to your work

You can also comment on each task which makes communication easy and relevant. Attaching files and adding comments to a task help you keep everything in one place and reduce complexity. And if something important changes in a task, everyone involved gets a notification via email or mobile if they use our iOS application.


Keep everything in one place

Each section, task, and subtask can store documents and other files — this gives you a nice way to provide more context to a task. Everything related to a task or project is stored in one place so you don’t have to rely on multiple sources to find what you need. Pretty neat if you want to move fast and focus on what’s important.

Schedule due dates and auto-reminders

Setting task due dates is one of the best ways to track work and plan future steps. You know when everything is due and who’s responsible for what. You can instantly check the progress on a given task or project so you know where the whole team stands all the time. The best thing about due dates is the auto-reminder feature. Whenever a task is due, the assignee receives an auto-reminder so you don’t have to micro-manage people.


Sendtask is easy to use and well designed. It evolves quickly and does the job right.


Bastien Rojanawisut

Software Engineer at BestMile


Lukas Speiser

CEO of Amorana


The simplicity of it impressed me. More and more it becomes the main tool for my pending tasks.


Josef Birchler

Head of Sales at Palisis AG


Unlimited users, unlimited tasks

Sendtask is still in Beta and free to use. All current features will remain free forever.